About us

Hatch is based at the School of Healthcare Enterprise and Innovation at the University of Southampton. As a school and team, we have many years of delivering, monitoring, evaluation, research, learning and adapting (MERLA) related projects. Hatch was born through a desire to offer this expertise and services to a wider set of stakeholders, both within the university and further afield.

What we do

We are a team of highly skilled professionals with a proven track record in research, evaluation, analysis and insight. We bring the rigour and independence of academic roots together with agile, innovative thinking to support our clients create and utilise robust evidence for their learning and development. Ultimately, we aim to enable all organisations, whatever their size and background, to have the ability to create and or utilise evidence for their decision making.  

This is not an exhaustive list, but we have helped organisations with:

  • Overall strategy
  • Programme theory
  • Theory of change development
  • Pragmatic scoping
  • Evidence reviews to inform decision making
  • Mixed methods evaluation research
  • Impact assessment

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Our Values

The University of Southampton has a set of core values which provide us the lens through which we make decisions, guide actions and influence collective behaviours.

At Hatch we have also developed our own values which draw on those set by the University, but embody the ethos of our team and a practical application for how we work.  

Evidence matters. But only when it is easy to understand. We are committed to working closely with you, almost becoming part of your team, to ensure we collaborate effectively and provide you with meaningful, credible evidence that you can effectively use.

Social responsibility

We pride ourselves in working in a socially responsible way. See our social responsibility statement for more information.

Knowledge and expertise

We have a network of the best partners and specialists to ensure we can always draw on the right expertise. 

Continuous improvement

Both for us and our clients. We will continuously develop best practice and teach our clients as we work with them.


We aim to provide innovative solutions and approaches. 

Sharing and reuse

We fully uphold open access principles and aim to reduce burden by always reusing information wherever possible.  


We aim to work in the most sustainable way possible and fully align with the University of Southampton Sustainability Strategy.  

Responsible metrics that underpin our values

UK Research and Innovation Metric Tide

Declaration of Research Assessment (DORA)

NIHR position on responsible metrics

Social responsibility statement

We pride ourselves in working in a socially responsible way and strive to enable all organisations access to the ability to reflect and enable better decision making. We use our extensive network of researchers and partners to access the best minds and the latest thinking, but also provide new opportunities and experiences to support their ongoing careers to grow and nurture talent across the whole research base.

We fully believe and support knowledge exchange through open sharing of methodologies and protocols, ensuring materials are accessible to diverse audiences, and upholding open access principles wherever possible. To enable all organisations, whatever their size and background, access to our services we have a favourable pricing model for appropriate organisations, such as charities or small not for profit organisations.

We also provide training materials and other supportive documentation where possible to enable organisations to train and build evidence themselves, and plan to create a membership model for organisations.